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For People Who Aren’t Afraid To Say I LOVE YOU

My sister sent me a video by the youtuber steveroggenbuck, and I loved watching it so much that I told Diana that I felt like I wanted to do something similar, but that I was sort of frightened to try. 

She told me that it would be “soul-demanding, yes, but also really rewarding,” and expressed her excitement at seeing me yell passionately at a camera.

Standing alone in a field and trying to come up with meaningful things to say wasn’t as easy as it looked, and I still feel somewhat foolish about what ended up coming out.

But what’s life about if not stretching yourself to at least try doing something that could matter? 

And Diana’s reaction alone made this entire project more than worth it. 


Times like these. 

"I want a raft. I’ll raft everywhere this summer."

One week later:
"I’m going to go buy some rafts."

One day later: 
"Do you have an air compressor?"  

Refugees Music Video

Exploration and adventure; things I hope that we never lose sight of.
Despite the number of scrapes and bruises find ourselves with on the other end. (;

Just a few chunks of the excellence that was Spring Break. Our trek was so notable that we ended up on the front page of a local West Virginia paper and on the nightly news. We met wonderful and talented people, explored new places, and experienced the beauty of this continent. I couldn’t have asked for any better. 

One of our adventures back in February. We held a blanket to the wind at the peak of the Butte and picniced like it was meant to be!

I asked Jay, a dear old friend of mine, to be my Valentine. 

We packed up a tablecloth and dineware and a couple electronic candles and went to McDonald’s. It was a grand experience.


A small aquarium recently opened up in Boise, and Faith and I got the chance to visit a few days ago. 

I had my mom’s old point-and-shoot with me, so I did a bit of filming and whipped up this short video. 

Ah, the wonders of human wonder. 

Magic Mic

I recently worked with the Boise Hip Hop artist “Magic Mic” to create a logo and the cover of his first bulk music release, the Magical Music Mixtape.

Our collaboration involved a photoshoot at a local waterfall, and design session into the wee morning hours. 

Getting to work with people of various talents and skills is my favorite part of being an artist. (:

Listen to the newly released “Magical Music Mixtape” here.

"Give It All" Music Video

My good friend Josh (Youtube’s MrJoshuaBB) strikes again with yet another He Is We music video that’s been in the creative oven for a few months now. We did two days of filming, once in October and once in December. 

I’m always glad to get to work with Josh, and it was great to get to meet and work with Tyler, the actor in the video. We had some good laughs, good food, and good conversation.  

Here’s to future projects and adventures. (:


Someday, you’ll reach up. And your steel lungs and your heart of flint will strike against each other. And they will spark, and your soul will finally ignite. And all at once you will become the fire that burns so big and so bright, that the stars and even the sky itself will gasp. Someday, I will stand in the white hot heat of you. And I’ll remind you to resurrect the sun. Someday. 

Fall in New Mexico.

Jump Creek Falls.

I’ve been there three times in the past two weeks. The beauty never falters. 


November 6th, 2011:

When I was younger, we didn’t watch much TV, so my siblings and I played outside. We were wizards and warriors, pilots and pioneers. We had guns and crystals and swords and wands. We built forts out of pig pens and stacked stones and bales of hay. We raided junkyards for parts and built spaceships out of broken cars. We crawled through fields and climbed trees and ran around on rooftops and waded in canals. And we dressed up. I had leather boots and a leather jacket, and some pants with an attached chain belt. I made a cape out of a piece of scrap material, and carved a staff out of a branch. I tied bandages around my leg, and braided my hair.

Our imaginary worlds were projected in front of our selves, but that was as far as they existed.

So yesterday was like my childhood coming to life. And the whole thing will be in tangible form.

It was epic. 

Natalie and I had a tea party. Legitimately.
I made raspberry tea with honey and coconut milk. Natalie asked for two spoons of sugar with each cup.And of course no real tea party is complete without accents and pompous conversation about the neighbors. 

Natalie and I had a tea party. Legitimately.

I made raspberry tea with honey and coconut milk. Natalie asked for two spoons of sugar with each cup.

And of course no real tea party is complete without accents and pompous conversation about the neighbors.