Sara Smith

All that you see here is comprised of my adventures, projects, thoughts, and ideas.


November 6th, 2011:

When I was younger, we didn’t watch much TV, so my siblings and I played outside. We were wizards and warriors, pilots and pioneers. We had guns and crystals and swords and wands. We built forts out of pig pens and stacked stones and bales of hay. We raided junkyards for parts and built spaceships out of broken cars. We crawled through fields and climbed trees and ran around on rooftops and waded in canals. And we dressed up. I had leather boots and a leather jacket, and some pants with an attached chain belt. I made a cape out of a piece of scrap material, and carved a staff out of a branch. I tied bandages around my leg, and braided my hair.

Our imaginary worlds were projected in front of our selves, but that was as far as they existed.

So yesterday was like my childhood coming to life. And the whole thing will be in tangible form.

It was epic.